On November 7, 2018, Mongolia hosted the “Celebrating IAU100 in Mongolia” National Opening Meeting at the National University of Mongolia. This meeting was held with the National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) and IAU100 National Contact, University Professor Tsolmon Renchin, who gave an opening speech on “IAU100 activities and public involvement in Mongolia”.

Representatives of various organizations attended the event and gave talks on topics such as the “Importance of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the IAU” and “The astronomical education of ancient Mongolia”.

During the meeting, people from the different regions of Mongolia shared their future astronomical activities for IAU100. People from the remote and nomadic areas shared their contribution to activities pertaining to astronomy and heritage. Young amateur astronomers expressed particular interest in IAU100 celebrations in remote areas, while senior astronomers shared ancient astronomical activities that have been practiced in Mongolia.

The meeting was followed by a star party which enabled many participants, including students and children, to look at the sky through a telescope. Groups of amateur astronomers helped to organize the stargazing event and explained to the public the fundamentals of the Universe. The public was deeply inspired by the beauty of our Universe and expressed their will to celebrate together “Under One Sky” the IAU100 in Mongolia.



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